Chingy - hoodstar

Jon Caramanica, reviewing for Blender , found the album inconsistent throughout its track listing and caused Chingy to run out of steam musically, concluding that, "At his best, Chingy raps in a whimsical tone that becomes a melodic element in its own right, and he delivers the odd sharp pick-up line: "I bet you had to jump up and down just to put 'em on," he leers on "Dem Jeans." But mostly he just sounds bored, a pretty boy tired of being denied his inner turmoil." [5] Michael Harris of XXL criticized the record for its continued use of the typical hip-hop formula and Chingy's persona for delivering generic party tracks, concluding that "Although Chingy isn’t ready to cash out just yet, Hoodstar , is another losing hand." [12] Hua Hsu of Rolling Stone found the album to be more of the same from Chingy's previous efforts but found him being overshadowed by the guest artists instead of being on the same level. [9]

Unhappy with the way he felt Capitol was promoting their urban artists, in 2007 Chingy jumped ship and returned to DTP Records, which was by-then a part of the Def Jam family. When asked upon this move, the St. Louis rapper said: "I don't think Capitol really knew how to work urban artists, They're really stuck on pop and they didn't know how to market me." [5]

Lists music heard on the FOX medical drama series ' HOUSE ' starring Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House ), Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy), Omar Epps (Dr. Eric Foreman ...

Chingy - HoodstarChingy - HoodstarChingy - HoodstarChingy - Hoodstar